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Here at Jade Spa we are proud to use Seaflora Wild Organic Seaweed Skincare. Seaflora is 100% natural and uses fresh, wild, certified organic seaweed. It does not contain any artificial fragrances, sea-flora-productscolourants, preservatives or petroleum ingredients. They sustainably hand-harvest seaweed from the exotic underwater garden off the coast of British Columbia and are well known for their endeavors to safeguard marine ecosystems. Seaweeds are a powerhouse of nutrition and unique healing compounds not found in any land plants. They have a simple cell structure that makes it possible for your skin to absorb the vitamins, minerals and special compounds. The philosophy of Thalassotherapy guides the creation of Seaflora products and treatments, using the healing and restorative powers of ocean. Thalassotherapy is beneficial for many conditions such as muscle pain, stress, poor sleep, rosacea, acne, arthritis, eczema and respiratory infections. Treatments with Seaflora products can help you maintain health, feel good and look radiant.

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Jade Stone massage and Mini Facial:
100 Minutes
Treat your body from head to toe with the perfect combination to help you escape the stresses of life. A full body massage with warm jade stones followed by a mini facial to complete this deeply relaxing experience.

Classic Deep Tissue Massage:
60 Minutes $90.00
90 Minutes $135.00
Focus is on areas of chronic tension and pain. Experience the healing benefits of trigger point release and reflexology for increased vitality.

Jade Stone Massage:
jade-spa-stillness60 Minutes $90.00
90 Minutes $135.00
Focus is on areas of chronic tension and pain. Through firm pressure, this massage will release tight muscles and soreness due to overuse and stress. Great for muscle tension relief after sports.

Thai Herbal Stem Massage:
90 Minutes    
A steamed herbal compress massage to release toxins, increase circulation and work out painful knots. Combined with Thai and Lomi Lomi techniques this traditional massage is detoxifying and deeply relaxing.

Deluxe Foot Treatment:
60 Minutes
Treat your feet to the ultimate indulgence. Start with a soothing sea kelp soak foot bath, followed by an exfoliation and then a deluxe massage for your lower legs, ankles and feet. Releases tension and improves circulation. Experience the healing benefits of trigger point release and reflexology for increased vitality.

Classic Facial:
60 Minutes
Enjoy a customized facial for your skin type including exfoliation, masque, and moisturizer using organic SeaFlora products. Experience a unique eye treatment using a seaweed chamois to increase hydration and circulation. This will nourish your skin; improving skin tone, texture and circulation.

Body Scrub:
60 Minutes
Stimulate your skin with this smoothening and softening full body scrub. This invigorating body treatment will improve circulation to help reduce aches and pains and leave your skin feeling refreshed. Relax and enjoy the exfoliation and moisturizing massage.

jade-spa2Balancing Body Wrap:
75 Minutes
From head to toe you will feel smooth and hydrated. This nourishing, anti-oxidant and skin softening treatment starts with a body polish exfoliation followed by a moisturizing body wrap.A special seaweed chamois is placed along the spine to authenticate this unique treatment. Afterwards a refreshing finishing moisturizer massage will leave you feeling completely renewed.

Add a Sea Relief Eye Treatment to any other treatment:
20 Minutes
This add-on will nourish the skin with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to reduce redness and improve skin tone. Focussing on the area around the eyes for a cleansing, moisturizing, massage and masque treatment.

Add a Mini Facial to any other treatment:
40 Minutes
Customize your treatment to include a minifacial for a complete package. A great addition to a body wrap or massage for a full body treatment.