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Jade Spa

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Our goal is to help you reconnect your body and mind. The calm zen of Jade Day Spa is open to guests, locals, and visitors.
Our practitioners are triple vaccinated and are certified spa practioners (not RMTs) and Nina is a registered shiatsupractor which some insurance plans will cover. 
All of our treatment times listed below are the actual treatment duration so please arrive 10min prior to your appointment to ensure  you get the full experience.
We have a beautiful new spa with a Zen Room available for extra relaxation time; inquire for daily or half day rates for group spa days.

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Classic Facial 
60 minutes
Renew your skin with local, sustainable and award winning products from Beauty Through Balance. This 5 step facial includes cleanser, exfoliator, masque, toner, moisturizer and serums. Enjoy a scalp and hand massage to complete this relaxing and renewing treatment.
*add a 45 min MiniFacial to another treatment for $75

Classic Massage
75 Minutes $125.00
Full body massage including hands, feet and scalp; customized to your area of focus, pressure and any areas of tension. Feel your muscles melt, while your body and mind reconnect.

Jade Stone Massage
jade-spa-stillness75 Minutes $155.00
A full body massage with warm jade stones to improve circulation and
promote relaxation. Heat infused, smooth jade stones gently warm the muscles and relieve tension.

Thai Herbal Massage
75 Minutes    
A steamed herbal compress of lemongrass, turmeric, lime and camphor increases
circulation, lymphatic drainage and rejuvenates the body with moist head and natural oils.This traditional massage is detoxifying, aromatic and deeply relaxing.

Traditional Shiatsu
75 min

This traditional Japanese massage (Anma) is a holistic approach stimulating physical and mental well-being with kindness and care. It involves acupressure and stretching incorporating the meridian lines of ancient Eastern medicine. Please wear soft comfortable clothes (no jeans) as this massage is done without oil, with clothes on. 

Shiatsu Integration Massage
75 MinutesIMG 3593

All the benefits of Traditional Shiatsu but done in a Classic Massage style with oil and without clothes. 

60 minutes
Firm pressure to the feet and hands help improve circulation and calm the nervous system. Includes scalp and neck massage with minimal oil. Clients can remain dressed if they prefer.
*30 minutes add on option $45
Add reflexology to any other treatment 

60 minutes
Energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit with very little physical touch. A relaxing treatment where natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a certified Reiki practitioner to the recipient. 

Tandem Option
$15 per person subject to availability. Enjoy your treatments together at the same time in the same room.